[WS] Qobuz (Available in 24 countries)

Hello, MP3TAG users! I decided to post my first Web Source. Please let me know if there are improvements that can be made.

Qobuz.src (9.7 KB)
Cover Art#Qobuz.src (2.6 KB)


Thank you for the Qobuz script. These are the tags I get on files when I download from Qobuz

Fullscreen capture 25-08-2023 113723.bmp

These are the tags that script writes
Fullscreen capture 25-08-2023 114113.bmp

You see UPC, Label, Copyright, ISRC, Genre are all missing

  1. Album artwork is always 600x600 while the ones from Qobuz is 1400x1400

  2. Search only parses the album name and doesn't include the artists name often giving irrelevant results.

IMO, these are the things that can be improved in the script, it's one of it's kind. As far as I'm aware, there are no Qobuz scripts available so thanks again for the effort.

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Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately, I can only get the information from what's available on the page. I don't see the UPC or ISRC when viewing releases on the website. Also, the 600x600 album artwork is the best available from the website, as far as I can tell.

I thought I might try to search Qobuz for that first example by Marcus Mumford, but it doesn't come up in any of my search results. (From which country are you accessing the site?)

The good news is that I can probably add Label, Copyright and Genre.

Lastly, can you give me an example of some search results that are getting irrelevant results? I'm sure it has to do with how the data is parsed.

Thanks again!

Yea, maybe information is not available for viewing on the website but is available on the tracks downloaded from the store ? Downloaded tracks also have artwork of 1440x1440

Marcus Mumford is a member of South African rock band that has colaborated with the main artist previously, I have no idea why they appear here on a different album
This is the album in question:

Being, Baaba Maal - Qobuz

Extended tags such as Label, Copyright, Genre will be most appreciated.

Thank you for the quality work.

I see the label being duplicated in the "PUBLISHER" tag with this release: Field, Film School - Qobuz

This is due to the following line that is being parsed:

<p class="track__info">2023 felte 2023 felte</p>

I tweaked the src a little bit:

	If "<p class=\"track__info\">"
		KillTag "p"
		KillTag "/p"
		RegexpReplace "^\d{4} " ""
		RegexpReplace " \d{4} .*$" ""
		OutputTo "PUBLISHER"
		Say "|"
		IfOutput "TEMP_Publisher"
			OutputTo "PUBLISHER"
			SayOutput "TEMP_Publisher"
			Say "|"

Alternatively, you can fetch PUBLISHER outside the src's do-while loop by finding the line below. This is to avoid labels having 4 digit numerals in middle of their names.

    Released on 8/25/23 by <a class ="album-meta__link" href="/us-en/label/felte-2/download-streaming-albums/120517">felte</a>

Such as:

findline "album-meta__link" 1 1
findinline ">"
SayUntil "<"

I hope the above helps!

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OK, so realistically, it's only available in 18 countries. Here are the latest:

Cover Art#Qobuz.src (2.6 KB)
Qobuz (Australia).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Austria).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Belgium - Français).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Belgium - Nederlands).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Denmark).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Finland).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (France).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Germany).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Ireland).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Italy).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Luxembourg - Deutsch).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Luxembourg - Français).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Mexico).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Netherlands).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Norway).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Spain).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Sweden).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Switzerland - Deutsch).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (Switzerland - Français).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (UK).src (8.7 KB)
Qobuz (US).src (8.7 KB)

Great script. Qobuz has some unique metadata!

Of note: I believe that each qobuz album has a qobuz "store" page and a qobuz "streaming" page and I think each of those pages has some unique metadata, or at least they used to. Might be worth a peek if you are interested. In the meantime, I will start poking around myself. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Sorry! I mean to incorporate your suggestion into my scripts and I simply forgot! Thanks for the info! I was trying to figure out the RegexpReplace to do that.

If you find the "streaming" page links or how to search, please let me know.

Just take an album id from a store link and put it in the following format:

You may need an account to access the page. I was able to access it with an old account that I don't have a subscription for anymore.

I decided to do include files for each language, instead of having to update each country. Also, I improved the COPYRIGHT and PUBLISHER fields.

I'm not currently happy with the way COMPOSER is extracted. Inconsistent fields are causing problems. Case in point: Beyond the Call: A Musical Tribute to Courage, Honor and Sacrifice, Various Artists - Qobuz

In the above case (Track 2), instead of the credits displaying as "William Arce, MainArtist - Mark Shultz, Composer - Cindy Morgan, Composer", they display as "William Arce, MainArtist - Mark Shultz, Cindy Morgan, Composer". So by removing all roles except the "Composer" role using RegexpReplace, it removes Cindy Morgan in this case. The only way I can think of to get around it is to remove all the spaces from the credit roles, which requires knowing the credit roles. (I'm sure I'm not accounting for everything yet.)

Anyway, here's the latest:
Qobuz_Web_Sources.zip (33.3 KB)


Um...As much as I would love to claim Marcus Mumford as being from a South African band (being a Saffa myself), Mumford & Sons is British....

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