[WS] Soundcloud.com

Web Source Script for getting Cover Artwork and other Tags from SoundCloud .

Mp3tag Ver: Windows v3.23 | Mac ver 1.8.4

SoundCloud WS beta v1.0.zip (2.5 KB)

What it does:
Extracts COVER IMAGE, TITLE, ARTIST, GENRE Tags from SoundCloud

How to configure
You can configure the script with the Tag Source settings menu and disable the fields you dont want to be output

ARTIST is the Uploader (Soundcloud Username) of the Track, disable in Settings if not desired
GENRE is sometimes not available for parsing, depends on the Track.

Script might be inconsistent and needs further testing.
Will only find a few results as only the popular searches are displayed by Soundcloud and the normal search functionality does not work because that would need Javascript.

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