[WS] VocaDB.net


How do I install the script?

Website: vocadb.net

Usage: Search by album

Download the latest version here(github)

2015-09-01 v1.02
- Changed default language to romaji
- Removed LANGUAGE field
- Changed nameMatchMode to Auto
- Replaced Country with Track count in index
2015-08-31 v1.00

Request: Vocadb script
[WS] UtaiteDB.net

Thanks for making this, just got a request, any chance of setting up the script to show Romanized rather than Japanese?


Done and done, an updated version can be downloaded from the github link.


Just downloaded it but version 1.0 is in the zip file :frowning:


Can you try this link?



It's coming up as this:

Mp3tag Tag Source for VocaDB

Search by ALBUM

This file should be stored in your tag sources sources directory


and requires Mp3tag v2.64 or above.

[2015-08-31] v1.00


How to make it back to Japanese?
EDIT: Ahh whatever, just look in Revisions, edit it, close Mp3tag, launch Mp3tag again and try again. (Just remove &lang=Romaji)


OK, thanks :slight_smile: