WSS Options: Choose which tag to search

Hopefully, I can make it clear what could be done here.

Currently, I have 5 scripts for example with 99% the same code written and I would like to have one script with search options.

Beatport by &stevehero v4.3#RELEASE Search by &Filename.src
Beatport by &stevehero v4.3#RELEASE Search by (Album)Artist + &Release.src
Beatport by &stevehero v4.3#RELEASE Search by (Album)Artist + &Title.src
Beatport by &stevehero v4.3#RELEASE Search by Relea&Se.src
Beatport by &stevehero v4.3#RELEASE Search by Titl&E.src
Beatport by &stevehero v4.3#RELEASE Search by &Artist.src

The only difference in them is this line.
[SearchBy]=[ ARTIST for RELEASE]%artist%

Which vary throughout those 5 scripts.

I would love if this was an option to assign these to the following inside the scripts.
[SearchBy1]=[ FILENAME Search ]%_filename%
[SearchBy2]=[ ARTIST & ALBUM Search ]%artist% %album%
[SearchBy3]=[ ARTIST & TITLE Search ]%artist% %title%
[SearchBy4]=[ TITLE Search ]%title
[SearchBy5]=[ ARTIST Search ]%artist%

Notice the SearchBy1 SearchBy2 with increments.

So then, this is where a drop-down box comes in once that script fires up.
It displays the 5 items in a listbox, fills the relevant data in the editbox for user editability as normal and runs that particular search once the user presses Next.

The default would obviously be SearchBy1.

This would really cut down on editing every single script to make a small change for users plus giving users flexibility and ease of use with more options available.

I've added this with Mp3tag v2.98 which now supports includes for web sources via

[Include] This key references another web source description file which is included into this file. The keys from the referenced file overwrite the keys from the referencing file. Examples of this feature can be found with the standard Discogs.src which references to reduce code duplication.

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