Www column not displaying

using version 2.69a
i cant get the % www % column to display in the list view works ok in the pannel though
but i would like to sort by this in the list and is a no go


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Use %www%, not % www %

Just to support this: next to the input boxes for the column contents are arrow buttons that open a list from which you can pick a field name. This avoids syntax errors.

thanks for the replies but the syntax error was in typing it here and not in mp3tag sorry for the confusion but i selected it from the drop down and still not working thanks

So, tell us what you do to create a column.
You would have to enter %www% for value and field.
Also tick the check box in the columns list to enable the display.

this is exactly how i create the column
yet it doesn't display the data in the list view


Do you see the data in the extended tags dialogue?
What is the field called there?
Perhaps there is a naming mismatch ...