[X] 1970 01 01 modified date limit

I've just discovered this bug

If a file has a date of "modified" [not the "created" or "accessed"] earlier than 1970 01 01, then the value shown in

%_file_mod_date%tag field will always be

So a file modified on 20th of june 1950, will show up as

1970-01-01and not as
1950-06-20At least that's what happens on my Widows 7 x64 on a NTFS drive

[Please do not ask me, why do I have files with such a date; they serve as a workaround to some very complex problem coming out from a severe case of audiophilia nervosa]

This problem seems to be a worldwide problem, because the date "1970-01-01" is the start of the UNIX time. UNIX datetime values before this point in time are negative.
There are still applications out there in the world, which do not support negative UNIX time.

Mp3tag does not support negative values for the raw datetime variable %_file_mod_datetime_raw%.
"-476038800" should point to datetime "1954-12-01 07:00:00".
Total Commander can set modified datetime into the past before "1970-01-01".

In the past there were already some adaptions made in Mp3tag.
It seems to be a problem with some audio filetypes too.
See also ...


Yea, setting date to 01.01.1970 "brick" the iPhone :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley:
well, iPhone is useless in any case

So it is not a bug

And it will stay this way?

Quite on topic

It gives broader view to this problem; a fine example of

Yes, that will stay that way. I doubt that you had any access to computer facilities in 1954, and if so, the MP3 format became a standard not before 1991.
So, unless you misuse the "modified" date, it is not possible to have digital mp3 audio files with a modification date before 1982 (the start of the development).
And even if you take the PCM method for audio files, then the first recording was available in 1971 - well after the 1.1.1970

If you want to record the releasedate of a recording then use the field YEAR or RELEASETIME.

I need this for something completely different

I will have to think of another workaround to my problem [for my system]

The solution to my problem came in form of FileDate Changer, a piece of software by Nir Sofer

I allows me to manipulate the date and time of modification of files [and also creation and access]. And by choosing a false modification date like 2000 02 02 00:00, I will be easily able to distinguish certain special files from others

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