[X] 2.33 bug

Hi. I've encountered the following error;

I saved 50Gb / 10.000 Mp3's with the new 2.33a.
I then later, changed to a different computer with v.2.32
and none of the ID3 were visible. (just completely lost into thin air)
Then I went back to 2.33a and the tags are there again ...

Problem is, the tags I saved when going back to v.2.32
(using (convert filename to tag) deleted the additional taginformation
that was not in the filename.

my tags are 100%,
artist + title + track + year + album + genre ....
but for filenames only artist + track + title
so I lost a lot of addional information not included in the filename
so please be aware of that if you get complaints of lost tag-information.

They're not lost, they're saved in Unicode format which Mp3tag 2.32 can't read. If you want your tags being compatible with Mp3tag 2.32, just enable the option Always wirite ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF-16 at Options > Tags > Mpeg.

Best regards,
~ Florian

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