[X] 2.36d not updating timestamps on flac files


I'm running the latest 2.36d build of Mp3tag on Windows XP. I've noticed that Mp3tag is not updating the timestamp on my changed flac files (mostly Artist & Composer tags), even though "Preserve file modification time when saving tags" is UNCHECKED. I've tried checking and unchecking this switch, but I cannot get Mp3tag to update the timestamps. This is causing me problems with Sonos, since it uses the timestamps to determine what tags to update in its database.


Belay my bug report - I was reading over on the Infrant forums (the makers of my ReadyNAS X6) that in some cases, timestamps are not being updated on the server in a timely fashion.

For now, I'm using TouchPro to change all the timestamps of the flac files I modify with Mp3tag until Infrant gets their new firmware out.

Sorry for the bug report.

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