[X] 2.39m comments problem

I have a mp3 file which when I check with windows explorer has comments but the comments do not show up in mp3tag 2.39m. I have mp3 tag set to read all tags. Opening the file in mp3tag and choosing blank from the comments drop down list and saving does not seem to remove it however removing all tags does.

Interesting. You can send me the file for analyzing the issue.

I have had this this problem a few times recently, I have sent you a file for analysing as you requested.

The file has a special iTunNORM comment added by iTunes which you can delete via an action or via the extended tag dialog [Alt+T].

Thanks for your reply. I used Alt T to remove all the tags I did not want on 17,00+ tracks and it worked great. The Alt T tags editor is not very user friendly when you have over a screen full of entries, it has a tendency to jump back to the very start of the entries after each action (very annoying).

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