[X] [2.52] Custom multi-value MP3 support is half-broken

Tested broken with both 2.50 and 2.52.

Mp3 tag settings:
Read ID3v1, ID3v2.3, APE
Write ID3v1 and ID3v2.3 UTF-16 (no APE)

I have created a custom field "PERFORMER VOCAL" in which I put multi-values. This works fine for m4a, and Mp3tag writes the tags for mp3 (foobar2000 can see them), but mp3tag can't READ the tags it writes!

mp3tag write: 花澤香菜\\中村悠一
tag panel -> 花澤香菜

Long example (behavior changes):
mp3tag written, foobar read: 伊藤実華; 陰山真寿美; 片岡あづさ; 北村妙子; 寿 美菜子; 佐藤有世; 佐藤聡美; 杉浦奈保子; 竹達彩奈; 豊崎愛生; 永田依子; 中村知子; 七沢 心; 日笠陽子; 平野 妹; 藤田麻美; 藤東知夏; MAKO; 山本 響; 米澤 円
tag panel -> 伊藤実華\\陰山真寿美

If necessary, I can upload actual dummy/silence mp3s with real tags.

Anyone? This is a pretty critical bug because loading up any Mp3 to edit tags will result in the loss of that multi-value tag (unless you re-paste/type that multi-value tag as the last thing you do)

Check the extended tags dialogue to see if there are more than one field.
If you want to see the multi-value contents, you would have to modify the value entry for the column to $metasep(%title%,//). Otherwise you see only the first of the several fields of the same type.

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