[X] 2-digit track number problem

I have a list of 30 tracks, and the auto-numbering wizard assigned track numbers 01 to 30, per the settings I have made.

Track 08 was faulty however, and I deleted it from the folder.

Re-recorded track 8, and saved it to the same folder. It was assigned track 8, not 08. Could not "poke" the correct track number 08 into the list of 30 tracks.

I deleted all track numbers eventually, and then the wizard correctly assigned all tracks. I think this is a problem.

(The reason I am mucking about with track numbers is because Windows improperly orders files greater than 9 - as I am sure you are aware! Or is it just me being stupid?)

Not a very serious problem I know. Thank you for your attention.

Ian (Chromian)

I do not know what you mean by "poke".
Windows usually only has problems with three-digit-track numbers and leading zeros as these are interpreted as octal values.
AFAIK it should not be a problem to manually write "08" into the track field.
And even if you use the track numbering wizard, give it the starting value 8 and tick the option "leading zeros" you would get "08" ...

Thank you for your kind reply.
You would think that your reply should be correct.
Unfortunately, my experience is different, and that is precisely why I have suggested that there is a bug.
(Poke is a crude English term for manually setting a parameter value that refuses to be set by the software.)

Thank you again for your kind attention,


What kind of file do you try to modify?
AFAIK it is not possible to set leading zeros in mp4 files.
I have tried several mp3 files now and I can set as many leading zeros as I like.

Hello Ian,

I'm assuming that you've tried to set the 2-digits (including leading zero) for an MP4 file (as ohrenkino pointed out). Leading zeros are not possible with MP4 tags (they're stored as a real number, not a string).

I'm marking this report as [X] No Bug. In case you're observing something else, please come back and we'll investigate further.

Kind regards

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