[X] Action group scroll down icon not showing up


I would like to report an issue with a long actions list

It comes to be if I at the same time I'm running Winamp in a docked mode at the top of the screen: Mp3tag "displays" the end of the list below the screen; and thus i have no way of scrolling it down

And what's interesting, if Winamp is docked at the bottom, then the list is displayed correctly

Here are the screenshots illustrating the problem:

It seems that the only solution for me is to keep the list of action a liitle shorter than the vertical lenght of one screen size

Or not to run Winamp docked to the top ...
Or ask Winamp, if it reports the wrong window size back to the OS...

I was wrong: the problem is now fixed in the 2.70 release

Unfortunately, the bug is still present in the 2.79 version


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