[X] actions - case conversions

2 "bugs" I noticed in case conversions

capitalization rules for song titles aren't respected
e.g. lower case for articles - a, an, the; conjunctions; prepositions...

abbreviations are changed
e.g. TV - Tv; UK - Uk; USA - Usa

I cannot help it but must comment on this bug report:
The mentionend "capitalization rules" only apply to English language entries. Other languages follow completely other rules.
(Just a footnote: have you filled the LANGUAGE tag properly? Otherwise it would be rather tricky to determine which rules should be applied. But hold it: right now there is no correlation between the capitalization of words and the contents of the language tag.)
Bug #2 is no bug if the function $caps2(string,...) is applied as this function leaves capitalized words in capitals.
As I doubt that MP3tag will ever get a dictionary in the background to cater for spell checks you could export your data, apply an external spell checker and then import the corrected data.

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