[X] Actions checklist in mp3tag under Linux

Under wine in Linux the checkboxes in the "Actions" list cannot be clicked. I assume that this is some sort of subclassed list that wine cannot support. This makes it impossible to run custom actions.

Would it be possible to include some sort of button that enables selection of an item in the list? Or maybe something similar to the "quick actions" dropdown that lets the user pick one of their custom actions?

I don't like booting VMware every time I need mp3tag but there really aren't any replacements. I know that this is not necessarily a bug in mp3tag but if a simple feature could be added to work around this I'd be really happy (and perhaps even more Linux users would use it :slight_smile:)

Do you have up-to-date versions of all software?
It should work
Mp3tag v2.35n in Linux

That fixes it, thanks. Unfortunately I cannot rename a file using a different case.. e.g. FOO.mp3 to foo.mp3. This is easily fixed by changing to just %title%.mp3 then back to how I want it, so I'm happy.

It is also so much quicker under Linux, as I commented a few months ago I think. Thanks!

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