[X] Adding a field loses empty fields

e.g. on

, add a field - Mp3tag loses the three empty fields.

EDIT: Adding a fields is not necessary to lose the empty fields. Simply loading and saving is sufficient.

I am not quite sure if this is a fault.
Wouldn't one expect that if one rewrites the tags (by adding a new field) only the filled ones get copied?
So if there was nothing in these fields, then there isn't anything to be written.
Where have I gone wrong?

PS: How did you get the empty fileds in the first place?

I wouldn't. I would expect Mp3tag to make only the change that was requested.

I would consider it bad style by a program if it simply reduced a string length to zero but not get rid of the field altogether. Apparently, there are different expectations.
So, how did you get the empty fields in the first place? Did you use MP3tag for that?

This operation does not ask the program to reduce the string length to zero. It does not ask the program to change these fields at all.

The came in the sample file, installed by Windows

I think I have read somewhere in this forum that Mp3tag does not support empty tag fields. But it does not delete them, it only does not display them. And there are other programs which still display them after Mp3tag has seemingly deteted them.
But I'm not sure about that and can't find the place where I read it.

Thanks, but the screenshot in the root post shows otherwise - Mp3tag does display these empty fields.

I know, I see. But it looses them after saving, right?
I don't know exactly. I think in the post was talking about, someone was wondering why the fields of which he thought he had deleted them, still showed up in another program. And the answer was, because he had not deleted them with the action "remove fields" but only made them empty and saved them.

Here it is:
Conditionally deleting id3v2 tags with actions?

I think that issue is related but different, perhaps because it is on MP3 not WMA as here.

Here, AFACT the fields are lost from the file upon Mp3tag save.

Florian, is this going to be fixed?

Are we talking about ID3 tags?

ID3v2 frame overview
"A frame must be at least 1 byte big, excluding the header."

No. As the original reports shows, we're talking about WMA.

At the moment removing empty fields is needed for conditional removal.

Format value:

If something is true field is retained, if not it is emptied=removed.

That's no excuse for removal when another field is added, as reported here.

Yeah, but I was just suggesting that it might be something difficult to change due to the above convention.

OK, but I don't see how that would be so. There must be separate code for adding and Format Value..

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