[X] Adding cover pictures fails randomly

When adding a cover picture to multiple files either through the "Tag Quellen"->"Cover Art" or by copying it from the clipboard to the cover field, some files will get randomly corrupted. In that case I get a message that says that file xxx.flac could not be opened for writing. The corresponding file does still exist, but with a temporary file name.

Renaming the temporary file to the original name fixes the problem, so the file itself doesn't seem corrupted.

I could see this behaviour in both v2.65 and v2.70. I have never tried to add cover pictures with older versions.

Do not attempt any modifications as long as the Windows Explorer is open. Its indexing and other housekeeping functions access the file and block it.
If you want to use drag&drop from the Windows Explorer windows to MP3tag, close WE before you start editing.

Thanks, this solved the problem. It seems to be sufficient to change to another directory in WE.

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