[X] After added cover image, the song will longer some seconds

I tried to add cover image to my song, the song will longer some (2-5) seconds.
And if I play the song in my Android mobile phone, the phone will play incorrect music at that last seconds.
If I use another software add same image to same song, the problem will be solve.

COuld you check the file without cover (prior to editing) with MP3val to make sure it is clean?
It looks to me as though the file seems to have an illegal tag at the end.

Yes, the file is clean. Also, I tried remove the cover, the song will resume normal. Then I add the cover again, the song will become longer seconds again.

A V2.3 tag can be found at the beginning of a file.
A V1 tag is situated at the end of file.
So if your player plays something weird at the end then it apparently does not know what to do with tags at the end...
And also, as you describe it, the player seems to interpret the V1 tag at the end as music data and adds it to the length.
So one more test: could you set MP3tag in Tools>Options>Mpeg that it reads and deletes all tags but writes only V2.3 tags? Then cut&paste the tags with the special functions from the files list context menu. This should remove all tags except the V2.3 tags.
See what the player says now.

Thanks for your replied.

I tried and I think the problem is APEv2 tag. I tried remove all tag, then save. And then uncheck the APEv2 checkbox, add the cover image, then save. The length become normal with cover image.

It seem everything normal but the MP3tag software no longer show the cover image in the image preview box (Left lower, below the "Discnumber" field), so I cannot remove the cover image. :astonished:

I also tried when I want to remove the image, I must enable the APEv2 again, add the image to mp3, remove the image, then disable the APEv2. :huh:

The best setting for pure MP3 tags is:

read: V1, V2
Write: V2 (V1 only as an option for old players)
delete: V1, V2, APE

You can see what tag-versions you have in the column "tag" which comes in the default configuration.
Or you load the files an set a filter
%_tag% HAS APE
All the files that show up then have APE tags. They should be treated.
For these it might be a good idea to set
read: V1, V2, APE
as there might be information in the APE tags. But as APE tags and their content overrule V1 and V2 you might get the impression that nothing is in the tags and throw the V1&V2 version information away.
So check first if there is information in the APE tags. IF so, Cut&Paste the tags with the special functions of the files list context menu - this will then save only V2 tags.
For all the files with empty APE tags set
read: V1, V2
and then do the cut&paste.

Thanks. It works.

I first only select APE in Remove check-box in Option, then select all file, right click it and Click Remove Tag. This will remove all APE tag in all mp3 files.
Then I select V1, V2 as Read and Write, the files. It work everythings fine!

Thanks for your help.

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