[X] Album Art no longer displayed


I noticed that mp3Tag no longer displays the album art of a file when a file uses APE tags as well. I know that in mp3Tag 2.35 this was working just fine.


If a file has an APEv2 tag and you have APEv2 reading activated, it has priority over the ID3v2 tag. This was always the case. Therefore, if the APEv2 tag does not contain a cover, no cover will appear.

I also have a question:
Is it actually possible to put a cover in an APEv2-tag? As I don't think so, because it never works with Mp3tag and other programs who can read APEv2.

It's possible but not with Mp3tag. IIRC, JRiver Media Center and The Godfather support cover art with APEv2 tags (but in an incompatible way).

Those programs support it but therefor they have a lack in other points. As far as I know TGF doesn't support UFT-8. And this is stupid because so it's hard to tag an foreign artist, which is for example written in chinese. :frowning:

Thanks for the fast answer. :slight_smile:

I don't see a point in using APEv2 with cover art where ID3v2 does the same (except for the potential need for rewriting the whole file on changes).

well, I still haven't come up with a solution for that:

I'm in a little dilemma here...mp3Gain stores its values as APE tags, so I can't get rid of those tags. However, I store album-art and lyrics in ID3v2 tags. If I have mp3Tag to not read APE tags, I'll loose the mp3Gain data. If I have mp3Tag read APE tags, I loose the album-art and the lyrics :frowning:

Wouldn't it be possible to not remove anything from the APE tag when the file already contains an APE tag and if mp3Tag is set to not read APE tags?


I was in this dilemma too until I'd decided to kill all the APE tags from my mp3 files and do not use any APE tag any longer.

The foobar2000 application is able to calculate ReplayGain values in a smarter and non destructive way too. It stores the values into ID3 tags, so you can see the ReplayGain values along with the other tags set in Mp3tag.


can you elaborate on that please :slight_smile: How can it calculate it in a smarter way? And is foobar also possible to undo the changes and do album gain etc.? Is it possible to convert mp3Gain values over to foobar?

For a deeper insight into foobar2000 please take a look:
There are further links to the main manual and other related stuff.
Get a copy of foobar2000 and learn the features by doing.


I'be been using foobar for quite some time. I also looked at the Replay Gain feature, but it seems to me that it is not possible to undo Gain Changes once it is applied and that foobar's RG implementation is designed for people who use it as their only media player. If that is the case, it won't do the trick for people who want to listen to those files on their portable audio players that don't support Replay Gain tags.

So please, tell me if foobars RG implementation is able to do the exact same thing like mp3Gain. In particular, are RG changes stored as well and can therefore be undone? I couldn't find the undo button and the Wiki does not talk about that either...


I don't think you can undo the changes.

For playing music on mobile players that have a minimal compatibility feature set I would advise to create an alternative second set of special tagged and gained mp3 files.

I think I've read it somewhere in the german foobar2000 Wiki: once you have done a destructive ReplayGain editing by foobar2000 there is no way back, for now. (why not, it may be rather simple to implement).

I do not like the destructive ReplayGaining like MP3gain does it, especially I do not like APE tags going along with IP3 tagging in the same mp3 file.
I would like to see as soon as possible that all MP3-Players will support the non-destructive way of ReplayGaining like the foobar2000 application does it already.


well, I can't use foobar then. That's too bad. I just hope that someone comes up with an plugin for foobar or something...

To come back to the original topic: Isn't there something that can be done on mp3Tag's side, like I suggested early on in this thread?

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