[X] Album art problem

I'm not sure if this is Mp3tag bug, but still:

The problem is with embeded cover art files.

I used 4 programs to test this:
on PC Winamp and CD Art Display
on PDA: Mort player and Conduits Pocket player

When I use Mp3tag and save cover with UTF-8 (2.4) only Winamp shows the cover.
When cover is saved with UTF-16 (2.3) all programs show the cover.

Many programs don't support id3v2.4 completely.
No bug from Mp3tag.

Thanks for reply.
Bad news for me, because ID3v2.4 was introduced in 2000 and I thought this time is enough for it to be supported. I'm glad that at least Winamp supports it!

Can you add description in Mp3tag in Tools->Options: Write after UTFs what version is used?

What do you mean?

sorry, my mistake it's already there

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