[X] Album Artist gets added as BAND

I don't know if this is intended, but the Album Artist field adds the tag as BAND and not ALBUM ARTIST. If you go to extended tags you can see that.

I use foobar2000 and the BAND tag gets recognised as a custom tag (the same as iTunes tags).

I use the album artist tag for VA albums (Columns UI setup with NG Playlist, so it gets messy without the album artist tag for VA albums).

BAND is used by many other players as album artist.

But if you use foobar you can customize Mp3tag to use Album Artist.
What audio formats do you use?

Can I? I only use MP3. :laughing:

Do you use the tag panel to enter the album artist tag?

You can go to Options > Tag panel and change the field for album artist.

That's exactly what I wanted.
Thank you, "problem" solved. :laughing:

Well that's not correct then, otherwise why list it in Mp3tag as 'Album Artist' in the left window pane and not call it 'Band'? Technically this is not correct since there are both 'Band' & Album Artist' tags...

This should be corrected...


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