[X] _ALL doesn't affect to directories

"_ALL" doesn't affect to directories.
I need to use _Directory.

Is this normal? :huh:

That's how it is supposed to be.

So.... it's not ALL.

Must of the rules for cleaning filenames, tags... are also used for cleaning directory names:
Removing spaces, changing case sensitive,replacing strings (_ %20 ,...),....

I use more than 100actions at the same time for cleaning my files-tag-directories.
And I'm not able to find any rule than couldn't be aplied to the directories.

Personally I think it should affect to directories too.

When I've introduced this feature, _ALL also included _DIRECTORY but I've removed it very quickly after I got tons of negative feedback from other users.

And why not to create more variables?
_ALL .... for ALL (Directory-file-tag)
_FILE&TAG .... for Files and tags

And maybe:
_FILENAME ..... which doesn't affect to the extension.

Because it will change the behaviour of all existing actions using this field.

OK, then use another name _ALLTHINGS or whatever...
The name is the less important.
Just give us a new field that manages all (directories,tag and files).
I still think it would be usefull for many people
I use your program every day. THANKS again for this great software. :slight_smile:

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