[X] all files are saved-changed whereas a few are concerned by my change


i don't know whenever it is a bug or an option but it is boring me.

i selected a folder contains multiples mp3 album.

i selected all the files, i press ALT+T to discover the extended tag.

i saw a tag that i want to delete, so i selected it and hit the DELETE button to put it in BLANK state then i hit the OK button to apply the operation and close the dialog windows (the alt-T one).

Then i close mp3tag.

i saw all the files was resaving !! (so the date have change!!!) whereas only a few ones had the undesired tag i deleted.

why mp3tag only updates the ones with the tag i deleted ? that is a bug isn't it ?

Moreover, i discover than Mp3tag re-add the id3tagv1 that i always delete once i fixe the v2.
is there on option to tell to mp3 to not re-add the id3tagv1 when the v2 already exists ?

i don't want v1 tag (when i have v2) because it uses space on storage. (plus the long names are troncated!!!)

Yes, it would be so much better to get acquainted with the functions first and then complain about alleged bugs.
Apparently, you set ID3V1 tags to be written in
So, if you deleted them (I wonder how?!) it is quite clear that every file has to be re-written to get the tag versions back again, as you set MP3tag to do so.
Also, MP3tag does not track which files might have been modified or not but writes the current information back to the selected files - it could well be that other programs have modified the data which would also be a suprise.

If you do not want to get an update of the modifcation date of files than tick
File>Options>Tags>Keep timestamp of files

Well, writing additional v1-tags has the benefit that even very old hardware-players are able to show these tags.
It's up to you to tell Mp3Tag to write them or not. But you cannot be serious caring about additional space of 128 Bytes by a file of several MB.

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