[X] ALT-shortcuts eliminated in dialogs in 2.40

In 2.40 ALT-shortcuts has been eliminated in the «Extended Tags» dialog. As well as in child dialog «Edit tag info».

I used Alt+O to save fast, that's now disabled :frowning:

You can use the [Enter] key.

Okay, being within "Edit tag info" dialog I could use Tab, Enter - that's almost the same Alt+O.

But in the "Tags" dialog (invoked by Alt+T):

  • add a tag (shortcut would be helpful too)
  • now you need to press 'Tab' 5 (five) times to be able to press that Enter key...

I was going to add this same bug report when I found this thread. Having read through the full 2.40 history of changes, I cannot find any mention of removing this very convenient keyboard control functionality. Was its removal done as part of one of the few improved accessibility changes or was there some technical or other rationale for this?

If there are no plans of re-enabling this piece of functionality, I'd better start re-training my muscle memory right now. RSI, here I come. :wink:

OK, I think you convinced me that this feature was useful. I'll revert the change to the next release.

Well, I did miss the [Alt-O] Shortcut in Extended Tag View too.

Now when I want to insert a new tag field in Extended Tag view I type the following sequence of keys:
[Alt-T] (Open Extended View) (left hand, sometimes both hands)
[Insert] (Open Field Information) (right hand)
(Type in Field Name) (both hands)
[Tab] (left hand)
(Type in Field Value) (both hands)
[Tab]-[Space Key] (Close Field Information) (left hand)
[Tab]-[Space Key] (Close Extended View) (left hand)

Well, I did miss the [Alt-O] Shortcut in Extended Tag View, but now I feel that the [Tab]-[Space Key] sequence is in fact a little bit faster because I use the left hand only instead of both hands when typing [Alt-O].

But in the intention of having an Attentive User Interface resp. Text User interface using standardized key toggles to control the application without any other instrument than the standard keyboard a programmer should keep on coding those shortcuts for all programm functionalities which are presented to the user (german keyword: barrierefrei).

For Mp3tag dialogs, e. g. Extended View, this means, that [Alt-O] may be convenient to be used as a shortcut to click the 'OK' Button.

Especially in the Extended View dialog the edit functionality of the [F2] key should be taken over by the [F4] key because of conformity (see editing of actions). Key [F2] should be used for renaming only.


I hope the current Development Build v2.40a improves the workflow for you.

Kind regards,

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