[X] Amazon Album Lookup Bug

Several bugs in album lookups via Amazon (v2.35):

  1. Album Lookup via Amazon doesn't work if the Album Title is one word. Always returns an error. I can correct this usually if I type in the Artist Name first, colon, space then the album title.

  2. Doesn't work if capitalization isn't exact. e.g. Search for "Heart Of Stone" returns nothing. Album is listed as "Heart of Stone" at Amazon. Correcting the "O" to lowercase doesn't work either. Only way to make it work is to do as above: Type in the artist name, colon, space, and then the album title.

  3. Albums that have the same name as the artist (self-titled albums) don't work no matter what I try. For example "Cher: Cher" If you go to Amazon, and search there, the album will show up.

Mezmerize or Khmer works.

gantz graf works.

The Doors: The Doors works (Cher: Cher gives some results too).

No bugs <_<

Capitalization isn't the problem, it is because your search term returns some albums that don't have an artist or release date and that produces the error.
And the Cher s/t isn't listed because amazon outputs 10 results per page and Mp3tag can only handle 1 page.

Well here's a version that is a bit more error robust and searches only by album name in amazon.

Amazon.com2.zip (1.16 KB)

I'll try it...

It just seems very strange--for example, I have another search for "Let It Go" by Clair Marlo. "Let It Go" returns seven entries only, none that match. When I change it to "Clair Marlo: Let It Go" it returns two exact matches!

P.S. I find that allmusic.com has more reliable cover art, albeit smaller. Please consider adding a SRC for them. discogs on the other hand is not very useful at all...

"Let It Go" produces around 80 matches from which the script will show maximum 10 (if there's no error) so if you add "Clair Marlo" to the search term, you get a lot more exact results. And the colon is not needed.

You can find more scripts here:

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