[X] An unexpected error occured

Windows 10 64 I get this message "An unexpected error occured." asking me tif I want to make a dump and Mp3tag closes. I attached the resulting file.

Mp3tag.dmp (77.8 KB)

Is this a fresh installation or one that was portable and you used it with another OS before.

Freshly downloaded on the Mp3tag website.

As MP3tag usually runs, you have to make sure that the local conditions are ok.
That the installation is ok - try to remove it completely and install again.
Run MP3tag with the same user account under which you installed it.
Also, consider if your hdd might develop a problem - check it with chkdsk c: /v /r
Does it start but fail on certain files? then check these files with mp3diags or mp3val if the files are ok.

I uninstalled and reinstalled - same result. Yes the same user account is used. No problems with chkdsk.
I start it from the start menu no mp3 files have the time to load before the error message.

Are we talking about a native Windows or some kind of virtual machine?
If all else fails (and this is really a stab in the dark) search for all mp3tag.cg files and rename/delete them so that they are created anew. No guarantee that this helps.

Native Windows on a real computer. All other software is working fine. Where are those mp3tag.cg files supposed to be? A search returned nothing.

Try %appdata%\mp3tag
and the installation / program folder.

I had already looked in the installation folder. There is no such file in the appdata mp3tag folder. Maybe this is the problem?

Usually, if this file is not there, then it is created.
Even though I do not think that this is the case:
It could be that the access rights for the folder %appdata%\mp3tag are not what they should be.
Check this in the Windows Explorer>Properties>Security>Enhanced
See who the owner is and modify it so that the current user-id has full access to the folder.

Alternatively: if you have not used MP3tag yet (which is probably the case as it always stops with an unexpected error) uninstall MP3tag (again) BUT before you install it again, check if the %appdata%\mp3tag folder is really gone.
If not: delete it.
The try to install and start MP3tag again.

Full access and right owner already there. Folder is deleted with the uninstall.

Then I am at my wits end. Sorry, I could not help you.

Thank you for trying.

Well ... I just come along this thread and I wonder how someone can have such disordered problems when installing such a simple application like Mp3tag.
Yet I have no prescription to help in this situation, but I want to mention, that Mp3tag is still a 32-bit-application, and maybe this fact can let you think into the right direction, because you are on 64-bit-Windows.


I have not yet experienced any trouble with 32-bit applications in a 64-bit environments unless they are shared drivers.
The only difference I see is that 32-bit applications cannot use the same amount of memory as the 64-bit applications.
I still suspect that some kind of leftover from an old installation interferes.

I have many 32 bit applications that work flawlessly on the same system.

There was no other installation of Mp3Tag on this computer.

In which folder did you install the program files?
Did you change the suggested path during installation?

MP3tag uses OS functions like gdiplus and sqllite - so it could be that something is wrong with those installations.
But as I said: I have no further means for investigation so everything form my side is guesswork.

C:\Program Files (x86) the default that was suggested.