[X] Android device not visible when adding/changing directory

I'm having problem modifying tags of files on Android phones.
I'm using an Android 6.0 ASUS Zenfone ZB500KL, my PC uses Win7 64bit Professional Edition.

After starting mp3tag, and clicking on File>>Change directory..., and choosing my device on the side panel, I'm not able to choose a folder.

Can the Windows Explorer access the files on the device?

You would have to connect your device in USB mass storage mode.

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Sorry for late response. Yes, the windows explorer can see them. And I connect the phone is mass storage mode.

Can you show a screenshot what you see with Explorer when you browse to the Music Files ?

Think that phone is connected as MTP Device, it's a bit different.
It's not a classic device with drive letter.

Good Catch.

I think you are 100% right as in his original screenshot you don't see a Drive Letter (just a device name) and in that case then it's no surprise that Mp3tag can't read the files. He just has to copy the files to his C, D etc drive and then read them with Mp3tag and copy them back after editing them.

glad to help

On your computer system there should exist sort of a computer management console resp. disk management console, where it should be possible to assign a permanent drive letter to the drive, while in mass storage mode.


Indeed, that is the case.

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