[X] Annoying Effects in MP3Tag under Windows Vista

Have you ever tried MP3Tag in Windows Vista? The visual effects when the pop-up messages appear are kind of annoying! I don't want to deactivate the pop-up messages in MP3Tag, and of course I don't want to deactivate the effects on Vista. I just would like that the pop-ups in MP3Tag wouldn't have additional effects, it gives a really bad sensation when used in Windows Vista... Thanks.

What effects are you talking about? You mean that the message boxes fade in? That is how Vista displays message boxes and it happens with all applications.

You can easily turn off fade effects in Vista. I have been turning off fade effects for as long as I can remember. Everything seems so much snappier without them.

Hello Sebastian!! I know perfectly the fade in effects in Windows Vista, and no, I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the effects in MP3Tag. They add to the effects in Vista and it looks horrible. But thank you, anyway.

Actually, I like them, and I`ve got a good processor and a good graphic card, so that I can enjoy these effects. The problem is in the program, not in Vista. Thanks anyway.

Could you please elaborate WHAT effects you are exactly talking about?

I cannot see any extra effect.

Please, I don't want to disturb anymore! I just mean, that when one changes something in MP3Tag under Windows Vista, one can see first the progress bar (to which Windows Vista fades in and then out), and then inmediatly the "after save" or "after change" pop-up message (the same, fade in and fade out, and all of this in 2 seconds).
Since normally the changes in MP3Tag are so fast, this combination of the progress bar (plus fade in-fade out) and then inmediatly the "after save message" (plus fade-in and fade-out,too), produces a weird optical effect. But you're right when you say it comes only from Windows Vista, please forgive me, and thanks again!

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