[X] APE file wont play after adding artwork with mp3tag

With mp3tag 2.54, I noticed that after adding artwork jpg 500x500pixels to APE tracks, only the first 2 seconds of the tracks would play (in any player). At first I thoiught I had downloaded faulty files - but trial and error showed that addingh artwork with mp3tag was the problem. Interestingly - if I remove the artwork using mp3tag, the files play normally again! I am using the default mp3tag settings.

I should say that I think mp3tag is a wonderful piece of software - thank you for supplying it for free. regards

I cannot reproduce this behaviour.

I've grabbed some of my originally mp3 V2.3 files, deleted all the tags and pictures and tagged them with APE tags only and finally added pictures that I have saved before.

So: could you run either mp3val or mp3diags to check if your files are ok?

As long as no further information is provided, this thread is marked as "No Bug".

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