[X] APEv1 ANSI value not showing

I have a huge collections of APE files which use MakeAPL to create APL files for playing in Winamp.
I noticed that APEv1 tag created by MAkeAPL uses ANSI but not UTF-8 to store tag value and MP3Tag makes these field become empty (if the field contains English only, it shows).

Can you please send me one of the problematic files?

Generated APL by MakeAPL is uploaded:

File Encoding is Big5 with UAO NLS patched(CP 950).

APE tags are always encoded in UTF-8, so other encodings are not supported.

Kind regards,

From its SPEC: http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=APEv1
APEv1 use ASCII/ANSI encoding. It uses UTF-8 in later for a short time, then use APEv2 instead of v1.

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