[X] APEv2 tags removed no matter what?

Ok, I user Monkey's Audio for my music backup with APEv2 Tags.

I have mp3tag set to write APEv2, and remove everything else.

This is what my file info looks like:

However, when I use the remove option on an APE file, it removes all tags including APEv2. Is this a bug?


Mp3tag V.2.29e - 03.04.2005 - 11:39:30

OS-Version: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)

Build: Mar 25 2005 19:38:45

AppPath: 90.131.623.936 Bytes frei (F:\music\apps\Mp3tag)
DataPath: 22.318.804.992 Bytes frei (d:\Documents and Settings\endavis\Application Data\Mp3tag\data)
TempPath: 22.318.804.992 Bytes frei (d:\DOCUME~1\endavis\LOCALS~1\Temp\Mp3tag V.2.29e)
FileVersion mfc42.dll: 6.2.4131.0

Well, according to your screenshot, MP3Tag is set to remove APE tags as well. :smiley:

So, remove APE tags means remove both APEv1 and APEv2 tags?

Which means that mp3tag doesn't make a distinction between APEv1 and APEv2?

I think it should handle APE tags the same way it handles ID3 tags.


Well, ID3v1 and ID3v2 are two really different things, while APEv1 and APEv2 are almost the same.

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