[X] Audacity file load bug

I've noticed either a bug or just a very user unfriendly behavior

If I have a list of files in the main window of Mp3tag and then select one for the purpose of dragging it and releasing it in [on window of] Audacity [2.1.0], then this file is loaded in Audacity- but at the same time it disappears from the list in Mp3tag; just as if it was removed or deleted by me. That kind of behavior is simply annoying and also time consuming- because usually I have to once again load that file into Mp3tag

Is this the biding of Mp3tag or is it somehow the fault of Audacity?

Instead, use a Tool.

Use [Ctrl]+[DragAndDrop].


It is the behaviour of Audacity - it is no fault or bug, it is the way this application is designed.

See this thread on D&D:

(Why do you report a bug about absolutely normal Windows behaviour?)


A simple addition of CTRL does the trick

Although every time I will forget to push the CTRL or push it not hard enough [I have silicon keyboard, because of the quiet required for sound editing] the problem problem will manifest itself

That also does the trick

And also opens the Audacity itself; unfortunately a new instance for every file and only for the first file from a selected group of files

But I will menage with the combination of those two

New question: can a Tool be used to create a shortuct to a folder?

I often send my files to two special folders. And right now I have to use the Move option first to move them to Documents; and from Documents I move them to one of those two [while being in a file handling software; I don't use windows Explorer at all]

I reported as I said: not knowing if it is just an user unfriendly

And as I also drag files from Mp3tag into Sound Forge sound editor, in which case the files stay on the list, I had a reason to suspect some kind of a bug

But as you have already explained it there [/t/14484/2 it is the designers of Audacity who decided to remove files after dropping them

Thank you for the info

I am unclear about what you want to accomplish.

  1. Do you want to create a short-cut on the Desktop that you can double-click and thereby open a particular folder?
  2. Are you unable to use the Move option to navigate to a target folder and therefore want a short-cut method to move files?

#2 can be done with a Tool that executes a BAT file.

I can but do not want to navigate

And shortcut on desktop or in Documents will take space and will require [limited but stil the need] to navigate

What I want is to do is:
a] I have files loaded to Mp3tag
b] choose and select one [or more]
c] click right button of the mouse
d] select Tools in the middle of menu
e] select something like "SEND TO FOLDER A" or "COPY TO FOLDER B" [or just push "CTRL + 1", "CTRL + 2"
This would save me a lot of time; I've already have done it hundreds of times and will thousands of times

Does this can be done with a BAT file [which I can put in Tools]?

Isn't this even less a bug? What about a decent new thread?

If you create an action (Format value) to rename the folder (_DIRECTORY) or the files (_FILENAME) with an absolute path, it moves the files to a new location.

Here's the new thread: /t/17406/1

And thank you for that solution

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