[X] Auto-numbering wizard not working properly with mp4

Hello there,

I found a low priority issue with v2.52 when using the numbering wizard (CTRL+K) with mp4 files. No leading zeros are entered when numbering over 10 tracks at once. It works fine with mp3 (and flac I think).

Steps for reproducing:

  1. Mark at least 10 mp4 files
  2. Press CTRL+K to start the auto-numbering wizard
  3. Settings: Begin at tracknumber 1, DISABLE Save total count of tracks, ENABLE Leading zeros for tracknumbers, ENABLE Reset counte rfor each directory
  4. Press OK

What it does: auto-numbers tracks as 1, 2, ..., 10, 11, ...

What it should do: auto-number tracks as 01, 02, ..., 10, 11, ...

Additional info: Converted wav with LameXP and Nero AAC codec from this site.

Edit: Hmm... Maybe I was too fast... does mp4 support leading zeros anyway?

Edit 2: My bad... found a thread where this "problem" was discussed before. Should have done that before -.- sorry for this and please delete :slight_smile: Then I just rename the files with "%discnumber%x$ifgreater(%track%,9,%track%,0%track%). %title%" and I'm fine.

mp4 doesn't support leading zeroes.
There's also a function that pads with zeroes: $num(%track%,2)

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