[X] Auto-renumbering with 100+ files in folder

When auto-renumbering a folder with 100+ files, the tag results in incorrect data (usually multiple random files allocated the same number).

Tried this with and without leading 0.

Tried this with and without reset each directory (even though only using 1).

In each case, mp3tag always shows the correct numbers - but Windows Explorer shows the incorrect data in the track field.

Tried repeating the auto-numbering with only the first 99 tracks selected, and there are no problems found when doing this.

Error seems to only occur with 100+ tracks selected

A bug it is and a known one, too.
Yet it is a Windows explorer bug: it interprets 3-digit numbers as octal values (instead of decimal ones).

Regarding the new created track number looks like an Octal Number, see also ...
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