[X] Backreference evaluation inside replacement string

When using regular expression inside title-formatting script (with $regexp() function) backreferences inside replacement string are evaluated after all scripting functions included in replacement are applied.

It makes performing replacements based on a content of backreferences impossible.

This doesn't apply to "Replace with regular expression" action! Action works as it's supposed to: first bacreferences are evaluated, then any existing scripting functions are applied.

Consider regular expression:

Input string: string
Regular expression: .+
Replacement: $if($eql($&,string),x,y)

Action applied to a field having "string" as content returns x while..


..returns y

As fas as I know, nearly all of the Mp3tag scripting functions are not allowed to be used in the replacement part of the function $regexp.
Therefore your example is not a valid expression.


What do you mean by "not allowed to"? They work! And I use them extensively.

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