[X] bad import from web sources


I've discover something a bit disturbing when trying to update a mp3 file tags.

  1. Select your mp3, and choose import data from website (tried with amazon (.com / .de , same problem))
  2. enter album name, then choose the album in the list
    3.now you've a list of songs in this album. Choose the one you want (not the 1st one), and ok
    4.look at your mp3 tags: tags have been updated, but track number and track name are always the one of the 1st song of the album.

If anyone have an idea to fix that problem, tell me :smiley:

Thanks for help

Drag the song to the top of the list or use Alt+Page Up

Oh, ok, thanks a lot.

So it wasn't a bug, just me who was too stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

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