[X] Blank comment should also delete ID3V1 COMMENT field


I just realized that the "< blank >" action in the "Comment" field does not remove "COMMENT ID3V1 COMMENT" fields as visible in the "Extended Tags" dialog for my MP3s. Due to its strange name, I'm not sure if this field is standard, but I would expect "Blank Comment" to blank any comment there is. So depending on that you may consider this a feature request instead of a bug report.


Hi eyebex,

I've decided that I keep the differentiation between those fields -- even if they are comment fields effectively.

Kind regards,

Is there a way to remove them from the command-line? I can't find any tool for that.

I still cannot see what the already closed bug report has to do with your question.
Find the answer here: Delete fields from command line

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