[X] Brackets not working in filename of playlist

Bug report
Brackets are not working in the filename of a playlist.

If you enter

[%year%] %album%\0.00. %album%.m3u
in the options of Mp3tag, it creates the folder
2011 Album Name
instead of
[2011] Album Name

Feature request
What I miss in Mp3tag is the feature to create playlists for various folders at once.

For example if I have the following folderstructure

Artist Name |--[2007] Album Name 1 |--[2008] Album Name 2 |--[2009] Album Name 3 |--[2010] Album Name 4 |--[2011] Album Name 5
I would like to open the folder Artist Name in Mp3tag and automatically create playlists for all albums.

These playlists should be stored in a location of my choosing, which is in my case the relevant [%year%] %album%\0.00. %album%.m3u folders.

When I currently want to do this, I have to create a playlist for each album separately, so I have to select [2007] Album Name 1 and generate a playlist for it, then I have to select [2008] Album Name 2 and generate a playlist for it, et cetera.

I would simply like to select all folders at once, configure the required settings and then have five playlists stored in the location which I have specified for each playlist and with the name which I have specified.

Brackets have a special function. To get them as plain text they must be escaped by single quotes:

To create multiple playlists at once, select one file and press Ctrl+Shift+P

Thank you, working like a charm! :slight_smile:

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