[X] broken link

Forum Search problem?

Here is a "web source" file for BBC:


But how come, that when I enter BBC into the forum search, I get no results ?

PS: Besides, there is a broken Attachment 1211 not found. on this page.

Forum search only works with 4 characters and more. Seems like dano already fixed the broken link.

OK, great thanks for your comment.

Since I just caught you here ... do you think you might throw a glance here (at the bottom of post 8) ?
MP3Tag = incompatible because it uses TXXX frames ?!?

there are some questions I guess only the programmer is able to answer.

I really understand that you're awaiting an answer to your question and I want to ensure you, that I'll read or at least have a look at all posts that are posted on this forum.

But I kindly ask you to not use the forum as a IM utility and keep the discussion local to each topic.

Ok, sorry, I will.
I didn't know that you read all the posts. And I thought it was ok, because the topic was closed here.

Then you might want to consider changing the error messages, because when you enter bb (2 chars), you get...

... and when you enter BBC (3 chars, so still not meeting the minimum 4 chars requirement as you said):

And besides,
sometimes the search function delivers weird results for me. For example if you search for the string "anytag" you get 30 pages of results, but in most topics you cannot find "anytag" anywhere on the screen (I specifically searched for it with CTRL+F).

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