[X] bug? GUI decision? with database lookup button

Clicking on the database lookup button initiates a database lookup (after a confirming dialog). So far so good.

Clicking on the dropdown button next to it allows one to change the database for the next lookup. But it also initiates a lookup, which I don't find to be the expected behavior of such a control.

I suppose in some cases, a lookup fails, and the user wants to change databases and immediately search in another. This saves them a mouse-click.

But other aspects of MP3tag's operation lead me to always be sure all settings are correct before initiating something. So I change the database source when moving to a new folder where I may wish to use a particular source, even if I don't need to look anything up yet. The "automatic" lookup surprises me each time.

Perhaps this could be an option? "Initiate lookup after changing databases" yes/no, or something similar?

Exists in 2.37a and 2.37h

BTW there's no statusbar text for these buttons - "quick" lookup and standard lookup. There is for the "local freedb" lookup button, as well as all the others.

Hmm, I think there might be a mis-interpreting of the meaning of shortcuts.
The drop down list via menu item Tag-Sources or via shortcut selects the database resp. websource lookup function by point and click. Additionally the shortcut button remembers what source was selected at last action to have quick access on further processes by the shortcut button without dropping down the list again. This is common look and feel behaviour as expected.
There is no need to have an intermediate state of 'pre select' a database or web source and afterwards push the 'do' button, because this is already combined into one point and click action via shortcut button.


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