[X] Bug in Alphabetical List of Files

Exact sequence in the upper image
Sequence in Mp3tag beta n as in lower image

Mp3tag uses Natural Order Sorting for strings containing numbers since v2.39e Development Build.

Unfortunately, the most important programs as Nero 8 and others creates CD's in ASCII order an then in export data there are differences in list. :frowning:

  1. when loading files in a directory mp3tag uses mixed sorting: filenames are sorted normal, pathes are sorted natural.

  2. after sorting on some other columns I cannot get back to the sorting that was present after loading.

The introduction of natural number sorting in 2.39 breaks functionality:

  • with a one liner create_filelist.bat I create a list of files, this is normal sorted
  • this list I paste into a website which returns a list of tags for using with mp3tag

Having not seen the nat. sorting on pathnames I mistagged some 200 files, lucky it were not more.

It would be good to make natural number sorting optional, so that mp3tag can be used with other software's output, e.g. the Windows own command DIR, or the software Pierre_49 mentioned.

Tobias Conradi

"Natural" Order Sorting:

the great thing about this "feature" introduced in XP is that ... you can switch it OFF!!!
PLEASE, Florian, make it optional!

thank you, andreas

I've added an option with Development Build v2.40b.

Kind regards,

thanks a lot. Not sure what the default should be.

I would say, since except for 2.39 and 2.40 it allways(?) was alpha sort, that should maybe be the default. Who needs natural sort can turn it on, as a special feature.

best regards

Hi Tobias,

I've already decided for Natural Sort as default option. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

bad news: natural sort order. good news: you can switch it off! :w00t:

thanks, Florian!

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