[X] Bug? in export - related to _total_time

Export Script #1 - produces periodic incorrect values for _total_time

%band%;%album%;%genre%;%year%;%www%;%comment%;%_total_time%;%_covers%;%_mode%;%_samplerate%;%_codec%;%_bitrate%;%_vbr% $loopend()

Export Script #2 - works correctly

%band%;%album%;%genre%;%year%;%www%;%comment%;%_total_time%;%_covers%;%_mode%;%_samplerate%;%_codec%;%_bitrate%;%_vbr% $loopend()

Script purpose - simply generates a delimited file that is easily imported into MS Excel

I have about 900 lines of output from this script... I noticed in script #1 that some of the
CDs had the _total_time values below (which exceed the 80 min limit of a CD)... I then repeated
running script #1 and got similar results but not for the same CDs?... Script #2 does not
yield this behavour... so, not sure this is bug but is not obvious to me the cause... I use v2.40...

1 day, 00:06:09

As always, thanks for such a great tool...

I've condensed your export scripts into following version:

--- ALBUM ---


and got no differences concerning the values of %_total_time%.

I've sorted the output from the above test script into follwing view:

Aerosmith;Greatest Hits;ALBUM;00:37:33
Aerosmith;Greatest Hits;FOLDERPATH;00:37:33

Albatross;Live In Sweden;ALBUM;01:35:04
Albatross;Live In Sweden;FOLDERPATH;00:44:00
Albatross;Live In Sweden;FOLDERPATH;00:51:04

and I cannot verify the case you've described.

You see that an album, which consist of two CDs in two subfolders, will be summed folder by folder in $loop(%_folderpath%,1) in contrast to $loop(%album%,1), which returns a sum per complete album.


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