[X] Bug in Tag/Tag conversion?

If you have a tag string (without quotes) say "Curl / Any Title" the function

$left(%d%, $strchr(%d%, "/"))

returns "Curl " correctly.

If you have a tag string say "Hans Christian / Any Title" the same function returns just "Hans" it returns at the first whitespace.

Is this intended?


Definitely not a bug!

The double quotes cause the function to ignore the forward slash.
Instead, $strchr is returning the position of the first white-space, because that is the character following the comma.
Try this: $trim($left(%comment%,$sub($strchr(%comment%,/),1)))
(I don't know what %d% is so I used %comment% for an example)

$left('Hans Christian / Any Title',$sub($strstr('Hans Christian / Any Title',' / '),1)) ==> 'Hans Christian' ... or using a tag-field ... $left(%TITLE%,$sub($strstr(%TITLE%,' / '),1)) ... or ... $regexp(%TITLE%,'^(.+?) / (.+?)$','$1')


Thanks for the prompt reply. The quotes happen when one has a "programmer" background....

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