[X] Bug Or New Feature?


when using Tag - Filename and filling in \%artist%\%album%\%title%. The file is not saved in the Currect Working Drive but defaults to your C:.

For example:

D:\MP3\Nelly\Nellyville\Dilemma (Feat. Kelly Rowland) will become

C:\Nelly\Nellyville\Dilemma (Feat. Kelly Rowland)

Is this a bug or a new feauture?


You should use ..\%artist%

Hi Dano,

thanx for the suggestion but the same action in the non Beta version V2.39:

D:\MP3\Nelly\Nellyville\Dilemma (Feat. Kelly Rowland) will become

D:\MP3\Nelly\Nellyville\Dilemma (Feat. Kelly Rowland)\Nelly\Nellyville\Dilemma (Feat. Kelly Rowland).

So why is it now defaulting to the C Drive ? I could understand if it was defaulting to the root of the Current Drive [D in this case].


Michael, what Tag-Filename does with a partial filepath is undefined behaviour (*), so I don't think one can rightly say that variable results means it is a bug or a feature.

I've found that the path completer to be the Mp3Tag "current directory". "current directory" became blurred when, between your two versions, Mp3tag added support for multiple directories. What it does now is use the /last/ directory from which a file was loaded, whether by Add Direcory, drag-in file or playlist, or whatever.

I know no way of getting Tag-Filename to respect mutiple load directories. If you can avoid making a load from C:\ e.g. by doing each directory in a spearate load, you should get the result you want. I useful debugging aid is Options, General, 'Show current directory in window title'.

  • Florian, it would be great if this could be fixed, e.g. by putting a commitment to the current behaviour in the docs file:///C:/Program%20Files/Mp3tag/help/options_converter.html#ttf

After further thought, I'm sure this must be a bug, despite the behaviour not being defined in the docs. Florian, I really hope you can have a look at this before too many more people rely on the new behaviour and then get a shock when it is fixed! :wink:

In my interpretation, a file name starting with \ (and not \\) is not a valid file name.

In my interpretation, a file name

"Filename"? Do you mean the format string?

starting with \ (and not \\) is not a valid file name.

Help says "You can use the backslash to mark directories in the format string" so are you saying this is not true at the start of a format string?

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