[X] Bug using a name file that start as "home"

Cliccking on mp3 files that their filename starts with word "home" mp3Tag don't play but
open Internet Explorer.

I have proved with 2 songs of Alabama:

"Homecoming Christmas"

"Hometown honeymoon"

and the bug are showed.
If I rename the prefix "Home" in other word there isn't the problem.

Best Regards

Using WinAmp as the standard player I cannot confirm this behaviour.


Yes I'm using Winamp.

Mp3tag uses the systems default program for opening the file, so there is very little I can do there.

Apollo16, you might want to switch on display of filename extensions in Windows. Sometimes it’s just another filetype, and some files are poorly named, i.e. "Whatever.mp3.wma".

If you are using Winamp, it might also be worth checking out the file type associations in Winamp – when installing/running other software, these sometimes get reset. (Options/Preferences/General Preferences/File Types).

Some programs are notorious in »stealing away« file type associations. You might want to find these and disable it, or use the »Winamp agent« to permanently watch them.

Thank you for support, but
I have proved to create an mp3 using Cdex and codec Lame 3.98.2 from my original CD Audio.
In this mode is a file with correct extension: "mp3"
I have rename the file to the name "Test.mp3"
I have loaded into Mp3Tag and when I click on the only file loaded taht is Test.mp3
Winamp starts and play it.
Then I have renamed Test.mp3 into "HomeTest.mp3" and I reloaded it in the list of Mp3Tag
and clicking again on it Mp3Tag open explorer and not Winamp to play it also if it is always an mp3!
The problem is the initial word equal "Home".
If I click direct on file using Windows and not Mp3Tag, Winamp are correcttly started and the music
The option of associations of Winamp are correct.

:-/ ???????

Shoot in the dark ...

On some machines there exists an environment variable called 'HOME'.
(press [WindosKey + R], open 'cmd /k set home')

The inner value of this variable can be extracted by the expression '%HOME%' and points e. g. to the current user's home directory, which is likely the same place to which the environment variable 'USERPROFILE' points to.

Look at Mp3tag's Options/Tools settings. Is there an entry to invoke WinAmp?
Check the command line string. Is there any %HOME% environment variable substitution?
If so, then be aware that Mp3tag eats up one pair of percent signs!
Maybe you have to double the percent signs to work properly e. g. '%%HOME%%'.

If the problem cannot be solved on Mp3tag application level, then look around in your system to find the alien which puts a 'home' in front of the filename when invoking the file.


I have looked Mp3Tag's option Tools and is empty, NOT invoke Winamp.
I'm a beginner.
Can you explain better the procedure that you have wrote ?
I have an old keyboard and my operating system is Windows2000 sp4.
WindowsKey + R is equal to write the string on Run icon: "cmd /k set home" ??
the systen answer me:

Opening Windows DOS MODE


and then ??
I don't understand...userprofile....

What can I do now??



At a first glance this seems to be looking good.

What version of Mp3tag do you run?


The last that run under Windows 2000 Sp4: version 2.39f

This is looking good.

As you said, WinAmp is your standard player, and starting music files from within explorer is working correctly, what is about to remove all the filetype bindings from WinAmp (Winamp/options/filetypes) and re-associate the music file types with WinAmp?


Thanks for your patience,
I have removed from winamp the association and then mp3 running under Windows Media Player.
Then I re-associate all types to Winamp loaded Mp3Tag but the problem persist.
I have done an other prove.
I ask to my friend to do a prove under your system: Windows Xp Sp3 using my version of
Winamp and Mp3Tag.

The problem are causer from my Operating system Windows 2000!
How I touch ??
Regedit ??

Thanks again

:angry: Hopefully not MY system!!! :sunglasses:

Did you uninstall the current Mp3tag application, reboot, new install of Mp3tag?
What is about to run a portable installation of Mp3tag from an usb stick?


Yes a portable applications.
But now I have proved with versions not portable.
I have installed Mp3Tag.exe and installed Winamp.
The problem persist. :frowning:
Nothing to do.
Patience the problem can not be solved!!
Fortunately I have only 5-6 Mp3 Music that starts with word "home".
I rename the name of file.mp3 and I don't modify Their Tags.
In this mode the problem will not appear and the search are always correct.

Thanks for your patience and support.

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