[X] Bug with multiline lyrics


First of all, thank you very much for the new option of multiline lyrics added in the new version 2.45a that is very useful (hope the same for comments tag :slight_smile: ).

Bug :

I use from times to times the export function to copy the tag from one file to another, for example when i have ripped again a cd with a better bitrate.

And I have observed that when you export the tag in a file there is no problem to add the %UNSYNCEDLYRICS% tag to export also the lyrics in the file, but when you try to read it again with the "Text-file tag" option then it can't read the lyrics when they are spread on more than one line and the following tags are not recognized (or it makes an error : "Cannot parse line 1") although it works when the lyrics are only on one line. Apparently mp3tag can't detect the changement of line (by hitting enter).

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You can do it much easier:
Use right click > copy/paste tag to copy tags between files.

Thank's for help and tip,

But i should precise that when i do that i often have to do it for some cds, so this method would be painful if i had to copy/paste tags for all files one by one although with export function it does the work in 2 seconds for all the files of one cd (folder). Furthermore it suppose that the old and new files are in the same folder which is not the case and even then it will not allow me to give the same name to the file that replace the old one because you can't have to files of the same name in the same folder. Is it not the purpose of the export function ?

Anyway i don't understand why you took of my bug report as even if I don't use mp3tag smartly the bug with the export function still exist or what ?


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