[X] cannot get rid of APE tags in mp3

hi guys!

First of all, thank you for mp3tag, it's a very fast and versatile program with a good usability.

Now about the my problem:
whatever combination of "read" "write" and "delete" of APE tags I use, I can never get rid of them.

I have (for whatever reasons) mp3s with APE tags and didn't "write" to APE tags (so they are wrong now).

I know, I could "tripple write" all the information, but that's sick. I simply want to strip the APE tags.

I would also like to point out that the configuration options (read/write/delete for each type) can cause any kind of "strange" behaviour like

  • you don't see what you edit (e.g. you don't write APE, but read it)
  • when editing you cause tag inconsistency (e.g. wou don't read or write APE, but they are still there and used by certain players)

More intuitive and consistent woud be:
choose what tag type you want to "maintain", non maintained types are "removed".

still, my current probem is:
"remove APE" seems not to work.


The tag types that you have selected in the "Remove" options are deleted if you use "File > Remove Tag"

thank you for this information - could remove APE tag now.

may I question the usability again?

neither the menu entry "remove tag" nor the following confirmation popup mention this "partial removal" in any way. at least the popup should ask "shall I remove APE tags?".

I would prefer the option to get rid of APE tags during a "normal update" (my wrong interpretation of the remove option). As I already pointed out, simply not updating the APE tags leads to potential insconsistencies - and no one wants that.


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