[X] Cannot open Mp3tag

erm not sure whats going on but it locks up on loading on my system

You have to supply some more details if you want any help.
What OS do you use?
How did you install MP3tag?
Is it a migrated system or an fresh install?
How do you find out that "it locks up"? What was your expectation? What was your intention?

Windows 10
i installed thru the excutable abvailable from the site
it was upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 and not had a problem with previous upgrade version on mp3tag

windows tells me it has locks uop after it staying on the splash screen for about 5 minutes

Close MP3tag (which is probably not open anyway)
Look for the mp3tag.cfg file (should be in %appdata%\Mp3tag) and rename it.
Start MP3tag and see if MP3tag works now.

Yay it starts again thank you for the help

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