[X] Cannot remove cover art in 2.74

I had 511 tracks, many of which had cover art. In the last version 2.73 I could select them all, select the cover icon on the left panel, (getting the message 'cover varies') right click and remove all art.
I had just installed the latest version 2.74
If I attempt the same action, selecting all files, I get no 'cover varies' message and the 'remove cover' action is greyed out.
If I select only tracks that contain cover art, I get the 'cover varies' message - but the 'remove covers' context menu item remains greyed out. Even if I select only one track I can't remove the cover.
If I expand the track selection a few tracks at a time, the 'cover varies' message eventually disappears. This didn't happen under 2.73: The message remained on screen whether I selected all tracks, a few, or a mix of tracks containing art or not.
I found a work-around:
I then selected all the tracks, right clicked in the track list, getting 'Extended tags ...'. I chose that. I often use that to remove unwanted metadata. I moved to the cover area on the right; I chose the 'X' checkbox to remove. When I clicked OK the program worked through all 511 tracks, removing all cover art where relevant. This is exactly what I expected - but didn't get - when working from the main screen.
Windows 8.1. Mp3Tag 2.74. Both set up for UK English.
I hope that helps you diagnose the problem. Happy to provide other information if you want.
regards Derek Grainge

Hi Derek,

thanks for the report. I've tried to reproduce this here and also had a look at the relevant places in the codebase and couldn't find a problem.

Does this also happen if you use, for example, only two files with varying cover art?

Kind regards

There is something to add.
When selected two or more files, where at least one file has no cover embedded, in the tag panel right beside the icon field, the message is shown "cover varies".
Then execute from the icon context menu "cover remove", but nothing happens in the main tracklist window.
Clicking into the main tracklist does nothing, although autosave is set up in the options.
But forcing file saving by pressing [Ctrl+S] or via menu icon click triggers the update of the selected files.


I will look for some more tracks with cover art ... my current batch hasn't got any because I invoked 'extended tags' successfully :slight_smile:

I have another batch of files to test on. Some had album covers, some didn't.
I have also updated to 2.75
I have been able to select single tracks and remove artwork.
I have been able to select two tracks from different albums and remove artwork.
I have been able to select two tracks, only one of which had artwork, and remove it.
I have been able to select ALL tracks and remove artwork from those that had it.
Therefore it seems the 'cover' option in the tag panel is working just as it should. (Select tracks, remove covers, save)
I don't know what went wrong a week ago. It didn't work then and it does now. Strange. Since no-one else has reported a problem, you can't replicate it and it's now working, it's best to kill this off as a bug report. With apologies for spoiling your day a week ago.

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