[X] Can't add Artwork for AAC files

Can't add Artwork for AAC files from Artwork preview (Right click -> "Add cover"... is disabled).
When using "Tag sources" to fetch an Artwork for An AAC file it's not saved.

But it works with drag-n-drop to the Artwork preview!

Version 2.86

It's currently not supported for AAC files, mainly because I don't know any other application that can read cover art embedded in APEv2 for AAC.

Just wondering: are you aware of any music player that would display such cover art? Usually, it's recommended to wrap AAC inside an MP4 container to have commonly agreed on metadata storage.

You are right, unfortunately it is not common to do this. The usual way would be to place the aac inside an mp4 container and to do the tags with embedded cover art on the mp4.
I use aac files when extracting audio from videos with a script. i don't want to re-encode the audio track so i keep the original codec from the audio track. But the limitations on the aac tags are bothering me. When placing the aac in a mp4 again i have to watch out not to get a naming conflict with the original mp4 video file... but this issue can be solved be adapting my script.

You can also use *.m4a as extension. It's a valid MP4 extension, making clear that what's inside is audio only.

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