[X] Can't change directory from network directory

I have a problem changing directories on a network drive.

I have my music on a Ubuntu Linux server (Feisty), shared on the network using samba (version 3.0.24). I can connect to the drive (Through "My Network Places") just fine, and open directories on the drive. However, I cannot change directory after that. I.e. if I open directory1 (with "Change directory"), edit some files there, and then want to edit directory2 on the same drive (again with "Change directory"), the expanded file tree sort of "hangs": it's impossible to choose any other directory. It is as though mp3tag can't release the current directory to let me choose another.

The symptom is the same with both "Change directory..." and "Add directory...". I have found a workaround by making a directory on my local machine my favorite directory. If I choose "Favorit directory" (Ctrl+F), it is not locked on the previous directory. I can then choose "Change directory..." again, and choose another directory.

This is version 2.39.

Since the dialog to choose the directory is a Windows dialog, there is very little I can do about that.

As a workaround for preventing Windows from trying to browse your Network Neighbourhood you can drag'n'drop the files/directories from Windows Explorer to Mp3tag.

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Hi strindberg

You can easily find out if MP3Tag has something to do with your problem.

Just check in your task manager if the process named "Mp3tag.exe" is still running after you've closed the software.

If yes kill the task retry it and if it the problem dissapeared, MP3Tag is the problem creator.

But as Florian wrote in his post I would also first refer this problem to Windows. <_<

Anyway just try and tell us.


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